Bri Recommends: Read it & weep

Hello everyone! This week’s recommendations are books I’ve read recently and loved! I’ll attach links for you guys to check them out!

3 // The Wrong Side of Right by Jenn Marie Thorne
17235448My first post on this blog was a review of this book because I absolutely loved it. I gave it five stars.
The Wrong Side of Right is about Kate Quinn, a girl whose mum died last year and has just had her whole life uprooted and moved when she discovers her father is a Republican running for president. Kate ends up moving in with his family, campaigning for him and kind of falling for the current president’s son, Andy.
I just loved this book so much and the relationship between Kate and her father, that I was sad to put it down and say goodbye to those characters.
Get it: Book Depository Amazon

2 // Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
23734628Carry On is a companion novel to Rainbow’s book, Fangirl. In Fangirl we meet Cath who is just starting college with her twin sister and who writes fan fiction about Simon Snow called Carry On, Simon.
Carry On is Rainbow’s take on Simon and his time at Watford School for Magic.
This book contained LGBTQ+ characters, magic, a baby dragon and an awesome boarding school. I also gave this book five stars and I will definitely be re-reading it in the future!
Get it: Book Depository Amazon

1 // The Archived by Victoria Schwab
10929432The Archived was the first of Victoria Schawb’s books I’ve read and I am so happy to have started with it because it was amazing!
The Archived is basically about this world where the dead are stored and shelves and a record of them can sometimes escape. It’s up to the Keeper’s to find and return them and it’s up to the Librarian’s to monitor the bodies. Mackenzie is a Keeper who has just moved into a hotel-turned-apartment-complex and meets Wes, a fellow Keeper. Together the two of them begin to uncover the secrets of the Archive and the society they belong to. You can find my review here.
I gave this book five stars because it just had everything I’ve ever wanted in a book. It had mystery and suspense and small amounts of romance and dead bodies. I am seriously hoping to get the sequel for Christmas!
Get it: Book Depository Amazon

There you have it guys! My Friday recommendations! What books do you recommend and would like me to check out?

Now, I have a question for you all! If I became a Book Depository affiliate, would any of you buy through my link? It’s something I’m thinking about for next year to support my book buying while I look for a job!


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