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50 Facts about Me

Hi everyone!

Since I’m new to the blogging world, I’ve decided to share 50 facts about myself with you all so you can get to know me a little bit better! Some of these facts will be bookish but mostly they’ll be personal, so here we go!

1 // My name is Brianna but I prefer Bri
2 // I chose Paperback because I love books and I own mostly paperbacks
3 // My natural hair colour is blonde but I like dying it pink and purple and green and blue and all the colours
4 // I’ve just finished high school!
5 // I’m 17
6 // I live in a super small country town in Victoria but I was born in Canberra
7 // I only joined Booklr/Bookstgram and the bookish community this year and I love it
8 // I have three cats (one of which is expecting kittens) and one dog
9 // I want to study Event Management
10 // Sons of Anarchy is my favourite TV show of all time
11 // Opie Winston is bae
12 // I wear reading glasses
13 // My favourite colours are pink and yellow
14 // I actually realllove the House of Night series even though most people don’t like it because it’s so long (James Stark was my first real fictional love)
15 // I love talking about books and wish I was brave enough to start a Booktube
16 // I actually skipped year 10 when I changed high school’s so I was the youngest year 12 graduating this year
17 // I have a serious case of the travel bug
18 // My favourite part of a flight is taking off
19 // I drink a lot of English Breakfast tea
20 // I absolutely love the city of Melbourne
21 // My second high school was in Melbourne and it took me nearly two hours each way to go there
22 // My second high school was a community high school and changing was the best decision I ever made
23 // I don’t have a lot of friends but I’m learning to be okay with being alone
24 // I have one brother who is 15 and a half brother who has just turned two
25 // I am incredibly short. Like, I’m just over 5ft
26 // My dream has been to go to Ireland ever since I first saw P.S. I Love You and also because I used to really love Niall Horan
27 // I’ve been to five concerts and one music festival
28 // I really love reading memoirs/autobiographies
29 // I’ve moved 10 ten times and lived in four different states
30 // I can knit scarves
31 // I am horrible at fancy makeup
32 // I don’t really like sci-fi or historical fiction but I try it anyway
33 // I have a lip and nose piercing
34 // I’ve not been to any bookish events but hopefully one day
35 // I actually really enjoyed the Flowers in the Attic series by Virginia Andrews even though it has some very controversial elements
36 // I spend a lot of my time in Melbourne and at Dymocks on Collins
37 // Kikki.K and Typo are my favourite stationery stores
38 // I love stationery and I used to collect notebooks (I got rid of 11 last week and still have 12!)
39 // I own three copies of Looking for Alaska, two copies of Paper Towns and two copies of TFIOS
40 // I am still yet to see the Paper Towns movie
41 // I tend to like a lot of books most people dislike
42 // I’ve never read Twilight and I don’t think I ever will
43 //  There are currently 50 books on my TBR bookcase
44 // I’ve only recently read the first Harry Potter book for the first time and I didn’t even like it all that much
45 // I love the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I saw the musical last year
46 // I love seeing musicals. I’ve gone to 11 and they make me so happy
47 // I take a lot of photos of books
48 // I have two nervous habits: playing with my hair and picking my nails
49 // I have anxiety and struggle with the simplest of things
50 // Books make me so happy and I love that I get to talk about them with you all

There you have it! 50 facts about yours truly. Comment five facts about yourself below!


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