Favourite Books: 2015!

With 2015 coming to an end I decided it was time to tell you all my favourite books of 2015! These aren’t all books that came out this year, they’re just books I read. Some of them will be series or part of a series and pretty much all of them will be YA since the genre I read. Here we go!

10 // M A Y B E  S O M E D A Y  by Colleen Hoover
This book is about Sydney, a 22 year old who lives with her best friend Tori and is in love with her boyfriend Hunter. Sydney’s world is turned upside down when she discovers Hunter is cheating on her and she has to find a new place to live. That’s how she meets Ridge, a cute musician she can’t take her eyes off.
This book was just so great. I loved the characters and the writing and the plot. Colleen Hoover’s books are so great and this probably my favourite by her so far which is why it’s on the list! There’s also a soundtrack for this book by Peter Griffith and the songs are amazing, you should definitely check it out!
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9 // T H I S  I S  W H A T  H A P P Y   L O O K S   L I K E  by Jennifer E. Smith
This book follows Ellie O’Neill, a girl who has been emailing with movie 2015-12-12_1449885427star Graham Larkin, though she doesn’t know it’s him. When Graham shoots a movie in Ellie’s beachside town in Maine, sparks fly between the two. But Ellie realises it’s not easy being thrust into the spotlight and that dating Graham could ruin everything her mum has worked for.
This was one of the cutest books I read this year. The characters were great and experienced a lot of growth throughout the novel. I loved the relationships and the plot and the writing style. Jennifer E. Smith is now one of my favourite YA Romance writers and it’s mostly thanks to this book!
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8 // S E C O N D  C H A N C E  S U M M E R  by Morgan Matson
Taylor Edwards and her family are not all that close but when her father receives devastating news, they decide to spend one final summer at the lake house they haven’t been to in years. When they get there, Taylor realises the problems she left are still waiting for her and that she and her family have a lot of growing to do together.
This book made me cry so hard. It was heartbreaking and cute. It friendship and romance and family conflict and I just thought it was great!
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7 // I ‘ L L  G I V E  Y O U  T H E  S U N  by Jandy Nelson
This book is told in the dual perspectives of twins Noah and Jude. Noah’s 2015-06-25_1435217124chapters tell the early years and Jude’s tell the later years. The twins used to be close but now they barely speak; something has rocked the foundation of their family and none of them know how to get back to normal, until Jude meets a broken, beautiful boy.
This was the first book I read by Jandy Nelson and I loved it. I loved the dynamic between Jude and Noah and the relationship they eventually formed. Jandy’s writing style is beautiful and made this book so lovely and fun to read and that’s why it’s one of my favourites of this year!
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6 // S H A T T E R  M E  S E R I  E S  by Tahereh Mafi
Juliette’s touch kills people. The Reestablishment has locked her up for murder and it’s been more than 200 days since she last had any human contact. With the world outside falling apart, Juliette has to decide if she wants to be a weapon or a warrior.
This series is one of the best I read this year! I loved it so much. The writing style is gorgeous and it was so fast paced. The characters have a lot of depth to them and I was able to connect to each of them in some way. The plot was fantastic and so interesting. I will forever be a Warnette lover so this series has made this list!
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5 // I  W A S  H E R E  by Gayle Forman
Cody’s best friend, Meg, has just killed herself and she is devastated. They2015-09-20_1442713688 shared everything so Cody understand why Meg didn’t warn her. Cody soon discovers as she’s travelling to pack up Meg’s things that there’s a lot Cody didn’t know about her, like her roommates and the boy who broke her heart. There’s still a lot for Cody to figure out, not just about Meg but her death as well.
This book resonated with me. The themes is contained are why it was so important for me. I loved the characters and the plot, the writing and the concept. I think it’s one that I’ll come back to and re-read later on because I loved it so much.
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4 // T H R O N E  O F  G L A S S  S E R I E S  by Sarah J. Maas
Celaena Sardothien is an assassin and she’s been locked in the Endovier death camp. When Adarlan’s prince comes to make her an offer to battle to be the king’s champion, she jumps at the chance to leave the salt mines. What follows in this series is a whirlwind of death, romance and self discovery in a truly awesome world.
I loved this series. It would have been higher on my list but I put it at #3 because it’s not finished yet. I love the characters, Celaena is a total badass. Throughout the four novels currently available, there’s so much growth and development among the characters and the world and the plot. This is one of my favourite series ever and I can’t wait for it to continue in 2016!
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3 // T H E  I N F E R N A L  D E V I C E S  by Cassandra Clare
2015-09-23_1442993407Set in the 1800’s, this Mortal Instruments prequel follows Tessa Gray, a girl who has just moved New York to London to search for her brother. But when she’s abducted by warlocks, she’s saved by Will Herondale and taken to the London Institute. The Shadowhunters take her under their wing and let her live with them. Throughout the search for Tessa’s missing brother, she can’t help her feelings for Will and his best friend Jem, but both of them are hiding some serious secrets.
I loved the world in this series. I loved the romance and the characters. I definitely enjoyed this series more than the Mortal Instruments. Though I left out one of the biggest pieces of the plot in my little blurb, if you’re a fan of the Shadowhunters world than you’ll love this just like I did!
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2 // E V E R Y T H I N G , E V E R Y T H I N G  by Nicola Yoon
Review and discussion here. Maddy can’t leave her house because she might die. She has a rare disease that’s made her allergic to the world. But when a new family moves in next door and an unlikely friendship forms between Maddy and Olly, Maddy’s whole life is thrown into question along with the truth about her illness and her mother.
This book was so touching. The plot was unique and I loved the characters. Not to mention, the cover is beautiful. I loved the writing and the illustrations, it all came together to create an exciting world I got to live in for a little while. I highly recommend this book and that’s why it’s #2.
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1 // A L L  T H E  B R I G H T  P L A C E S  by Jennifer Niven
2015-06-21_1434859289This book is about Violet Markey, a girl who wants to die, and Theodore Finch, a boy who wants to die. When the two meet on the edge of the school bell tower, it’s not clear who saves whom. The two are later paired up in class to find the wonders of their state but they end up making more important discoveries. This is a book about love and life, and whether love is enough to save someone.
This book was amazing. I’ve talked about before because I just love it so much. It was one of the most accurate representations of mental illness I’ve seen in a YA novel and though I read it in January, the plot and characters are still fresh in my mind. There was so much depth to this novel and so many things I loved that I can’t name them all. This book had me blubbering like a baby and it definitely deserves the #1 spot on this list.
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There you have it, my top 10 for 2015! What were your favourite books of 2015?


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