2015: A Reflection

With the year ending and 2016 looming before us, I decided to reflect on 2015 and the things I learnt and achieved.

All in all, 2015 was a pretty good year for me. I joined the Booklr and Bookstagram communities, I started book blogging, I read 123 books and bought about 2000000 more. I graduated high school, I lost friends and I found new ones. I went on road trips and I had mini city photoshoots.

I think this year I learnt a lot about myself that I didn’t know before. I learnt that it’s okay to be alone. I learnt how to be okay with sitting by myself in class or at lunch, something that used to terrify me.

I learnt that it’s okay to do something that makes me happy no matter what people say. My brother likes to tell me how spending my money on books is a waste, that they don’t teach me anything and they’re not worth anything. But I don’t really care about that. Books have taught me things, they are worth something to me and they make me so, so happy.

I learnt that it’s okay to be myself. This was a big one for me. I always felt like I had to be the person people expected me to be, who they wanted me to be. But when I changed schools that started changing, especially this year. I learnt to be happy with who I am and what I have, to not compare myself to someone who’s prettier or smarter because I’m special in my own way.

I figured out what I want to do with my life. I discovered about halfway through the year that what I really want to do is manage events. I want to have my own business and give people days they’ll remember for years.

2015 was a year of growth for me. I was the youngest year 12 graduating and applying to uni. I got a scholarship and I made plans for my future. It doesn’t matter to me if I don’t get a uni offer because I accomplished those things and I am so proud of myself for it.

I don’t know where I’ll be this time next year. I might be finishing my diploma of business, I might be working full time and applying to uni again. I might be reading even more books and making more friends and living the life I want for myself. I am so excited for 2016 and to see where it takes me, to see what it has in store.

I hope 2016 is so amazing for you. I hope it brings you happiness and friends, books and good health. I hope you make the most of it and spend your time doing the things you love.

Was 2015 a good year for you? What were some of your achievements?


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