My 2016 Reading Goals!

I am entering the new year with a lot of unread books and yet to be finished series. In 2015 I didn’t really make any reading goals for myself, I set myself a Goodreads challenge of 75 books and that was enough. But for 2016 I want to step out of my comfort zone; I want to finish series and try new genres and authors, so I’ve set myself some goals. By the end of this year I want to have ticked everything off on this list. I’ll be keeping you guys updated throughout the year in my monthly wrap ups of the status of my goals and you can expect a lot more reviews! So, without further ado, my 2016 reading goals!

  • Finish A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Finish the Harry Potter series
  • Read five classics
  • Read five memoirs
  • Read five historical fictions
  • Read five Sci-Fi’s
  • Read a new author
  • Read a video game themed book
  • Read romance/adult fiction
  • Read a book or series being made into a movie
  • Re-read three of your favourite books from 2015

These are all things I didn’t really do in 2015 when it came to reading but in 2016 I want to broaden my horizons and try new things. What are your reading goals for 2016?


2 thoughts on “My 2016 Reading Goals!

  1. If you haven’t read it yet, READY PLAYER ONE is a phenomenal video game themed book! It’s also being made into a movie, though I’m not sure when that’s being released. The Brilliance series by Marcus Sakey is also being made into a movie and is really good!


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