Dear Future Bri

I have had this post in the works since early December 2015. It was originally going to be an open letter to my younger self because I think it’s important to not just look to the future but to also reflect on the past. And though one day I might do that, I didn’t want to begin my year by thinking about all the mistakes I made when I was 15 years old. So I decided to write to my future self. At the beginning of every year I write a letter to myself a year from then and I thought I would put this one on the blog. So here is a letter to the Bri of 2017, something I wrote like a too-close aunt.

future briWow. You’re 18 now. I hope your 18th birthday was spectacular and I hope you got that tattoo! If you did, which you better have, pop would be happy.

I don’t know yet if you started uni in 2016, but if you did I hope you made the best of your first year. I seriously hope you studied hard because we both know studying has never been your strong suit. Have you made any new friends? Do you have a boyfriend? If you do, I hope he’s nice and I hope he respects the shit out of you because you deserve that.

Are you eating your vegetables? Are you drinking water? Are you exercising? I know I sound like a nagging parent but I gotta look out for ma girl! You better be eating healthy and exercising, we both know your body will thank you for it.

I hope you read those 56 books sitting on your TBR shelf. And you better not have spent all your money on books! Yes, I know books are important but how are you going to get to the Netherlands if you haven’t saved?! Yeah, that’s what I thought. I do hope you still love reading, though. I know it makes you happy.

You better have your P plates! THINK OF ALL THE ROAD TRIPS! You can go wherever and whenever you want and have all the adventures! How’s your car? Is it good? Is it SAFE? I hope you came up with the perfect plan for paying nan back, you know she’ll be nagging about it for a looooong time.

How’s your dad? Do you see him much? I know he’s made some mistakes but you need to put them aside for PJ, he is your baby brother after all. He’s gonna need a cool big sis like you as he gets older. You know better than anyone that your dad won’t make growing up easy.

Do you have your own blog domain yet? Or are you self-hosting? If not, you should get on that shit immediately. Your blog will be looking fiiiiineee and I cannot wait to see it.

I really hope you’re happy and that you’re not still spending all your time alone in your room with books. I mean, I see the appeal because who even likes people but you need to get out more.

Well, I guess I’ll end this here. I’ll be writing again in a year but in the mean time I expect a progress report! Love yourself you sexy mofo, you are fabulous.

bri of 2016


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