Book Collecting Shame

As I am sitting here writing this, I am surrounded by books. Literally. I have just taken all my bookcases out to make way for my new ones and my poor books are surrounding my bed in piles.

Piling all my books has made it clear just how many I own, how many I haven’t actually read and how many more I want to buy. Each time my brother walks past my room, he tells me I have a “problem,” that I have “too many” books, that I don’t need to buy more. This is a pretty common occurrence but today it got me thinking: collecting shame

Nope. I don’t think there’s any shame in collecting books. I love collecting books. I love going to Dymocks and browsing the YA section, inevitably picking out one or two to take home. I love that I have an endless supply of reading material and that I will never have nothing to read.

Being surrounded by books makes me happy. What better feeling is there for a bookworm than being in a room filled with books? I love that my small bedroom is filled with many different worlds that I can visit whenever I want.

Books are pretty. I mean, most books are. Not all books are super attractive and that’s okay. But sometimes even the less pretty books are still pretty because books.

When I buy books I am supporting the author. And who doesn’t want to support someone who puts so much into making something amazing?

If I didn’t buy books, I wouldn’t be doing my part in keeping the printed word alive. If no one bought books, if book collecting wasn’t a thing, would that make physical books obsolete? And I don’t know about you, but I freakin love physical books.

I really really really like to hold a book in my hands. And with a room full of my collected books, I can do that whenever I want! I can stroke that hardback or fiddle with that floppy paperback anytime I want in the privacy of my home.

So no, I don’t think there’a any shame in collecting books, in keeping the things that make me happy. But I want to know…what do you think.jpg

Do you think there’s any shame in collecting books?


3 thoughts on “Book Collecting Shame

  1. Personally, I feel extremely guilty whenever I put in multiple purchase orders or a very big one. I buy a lot of books each month because I simply have the excuse of “it’s in the thrift shop now but it won’t be there forever” or “the sale only last till tonight!! I have to get as many as I can or in the future I will not be able to buy them.” I have over 300 books on my shelf that I did not read yet so yes, I do feel the struggle between feeling ashamed of myself for continuously spending so much money and not really reading the stuff I bought. At some point, I get disgusted with myself. Because I buy books from thrift shops and other places very frequently and in large quantities, I often forget which books I already have at home. I end up coming home with duplicates–one on my shelf and one in my plastic bag from the shop. It’s just madness over here. I don’t think this problem would happen if I were to strictly buy new books since the cost is drastically different that I would remember what books I have and don’t have. That’s my take on it anyways!!! Thanks for putting such an interesting topic up! It definitely sparked ideas for my blog too.

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  2. I don’t feel any shame in collecting books either. I don’t care how much money it costs altogether. Books make me infinitely happy so what better thing is there to spend my spare money on? I love the part of my personality that adores everything about books and can spend hours admiring them. People tend to feel shame when they by loads of books at the same time, but if I ever do this all I feel is excitement, no shame whatsoever 😀


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