My Bookcases | Feb 2016

my bookcases feb 2016In January, I got new bookcases because I was just hating the way my old ones looked and they didn’t fit all my books very well. So I bought three new (massive) bookcases and I’ve just organised them the way I’m happy so I thought I would share them with you all! I’m going to be posting more bookcase photos at the end of the year to see how much they’ve changed and how many more books I’ve acquired. So these are my bookcases as of February 1st, 2016. (The photos are little bit wonky because I had to stand on my bed to take them.)

bookcases all 1

Here is a full view of all three of my bookcases. Unfortunately I can’t get them to sit flush together because of my carpet but oh well! To the right are my contemporaries. My series books are in the middle and on the left are my TBR books and couple of scarves I’m in the middle of knitting along with my school books from last year.

bookcases all 2

In the corner, I have my Irish flag (which is falling down) with all my DVD’s, CD’s, my cords and cables and some other things that don’t have a home yet. Above my bookcases I have my ‘The Library’ print from Bookworm Boutique (which I still don’t have a frame for), my money jar, my #wasted can holder hat, some postcards, my Colour Run sunglasses, a few candles and my lovely canvas print from Typo.


Here’s a closeup of my contemporary shelves (WordPress decided it would ruin the quality a little bit). I have my hardcovers on the top shelf and there are some series books in there and then I have all my contemporary paperbacks. I don’t have a specific way of organising them, I just usually do it by height and I try to keep authors together. The person in the photo strip isn’t me, it’s a friend of mine but I like to keep it up there as a reminder of all the fun we’ve had.


Now here’s a closeup of my series books. I never realised how many series I had until I put them all on one bookcase. I always thought I had more contemporaries. The top shelf has my completed series/trilogies. The second shelf is my Shadowhunters shelf, which I am yet to get some Shadowhunters merch for. The third shelf are unfinished series/trilogies. Then the next shelf are series I’m not in any rush to continue. Then I have my V.C. Andrews collection and some travel books. Then, finally, I have my House of Night series and some other books that are just awkwardly sized.


And lastly, this is my TBR bookcase. It’s very empty because I don’t have anything to fill it at the moment. I recently organised my TBR books by colour and I’m super happy with them. I have a couple of my knitting projects, a true crime books (I love true crime), Rich Dad Poor Dad and my school books from year 12.

So there are my bookcases! I love them so much and I am so happy with how they look. I’m a little bit upset that WordPress ruined the quality of my photos but oh well!If you guys want a bookshelf tour or anything along those lines, comment below and I’ll be sure to put one together for you!


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