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this or that.jpgI’ve seen this tag on some book blogs and booktube channels and thought it looked fun so I decided to give it a go!

This or That?

1. Audio or book in hand?
Definitely physical books! I absolutely hate audiobooks. I hate being read to and they just put me to sleep. I really prefer reading a book and imagining the voices of characters in my head. Audio books just bore me but I really wish I could listen to them so I could read books faster.

2. Physical book or E-book?
Physical books 5ever! I have tried reading on my phone, my laptop and an e-reader and I just don’t like it. I love going to the bookstore and buying books, I love holding a book, I love admiring the cover of a book, I love finding a place on my shelves for a book when I’ve finished it. I just don’t enjoy the e-reader experience BUT I do want to buy one someday purely because e-books are much more affordable than physical books but OH WELL!

3. Paperback or hardcover?
I’m a bit 50/50 on this. It’s not all that often I see hardcovers in bookstores in Australia. I love the look of hardcovers and I actually read them a lot faster than paperbacks. BUT paperbacks are easier to take places. So when it comes to aesthetic, I am all about the hardcovers baby. but for practical purposes, paperbacks win.

4. Adult or Young Adult?
Young adult always! Sometimes I’ll read adult or new adult but my heart will forever belong to YA.

5. Series or standalone?
Oooooh this is a hard one! I think both. I love a good series but I also love a good standalone. I don’t think I can pick one of the two because it’s just too difficult!

6. Dog-ears or bookmarks?
Bookmarks. When I was younger, I used to dog-ear my books but now I just can’t. I honestly hate when my book covers or pages get bent or drawn on or highlighted or anything (though I wish I could put up with that because aesthetic). Dog-eared books hurt my brain.

7. Breaking the spine or barely opening the book?
I own mostly paperbacks to the spine breaks, which I don’t mind too much. I do, however, mind the way a broken spine looks. Just no. But I will take breaking the spine over barely opening a book because that seems like a hassle.

8. Borrow or buy?
Buy. So often family members tell me I should borrow books and save money but when I read a book, I don’t want to give it to anyone! I want to sit on my shelves and be all pretty with the rest of the pretty books.

9. Bookstore or online?
Man this is tough. I love visiting bookstores but I don’t live near any so I do a lot of my book shopping online. Plus, the bookstores I go to often don’t have the books I really want. I am so torn. I love both.

10. Fiction or non-fiction?
I love fiction but I also love memoirs. Though I think fiction wins out.

11. Fantasy world or real-life issues?
Both! I love books with fictitious worlds and characters but I also really love when books deal with real issues.

12. Kindle, iPad or other?
I’ve never owned a Kindle and when I owned an iPad I didn’t read on it. So if I had to pick something, I would choose my iPhone.

13. Monster read or short and sweet?
I love both but it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I want something long and complex and others I want something nice, short and to the point.

14. Starry-eyed romance or full of action?
I honestly prefer romance over action. I love fluff and I enjoy it a lot more than action.

15. Curl up in a Snuggie or bathe in the sun?
I am pasty pale and it takes about three minutes in the sun for me to look like a tomato so I’m going to say Snuggie. Though I don’t own one, all year round I curl up in bed with a blanket to read.

16. Read the review or decide for yourself?
I don’t read reviews until after I read a book. I like to decide for myself and then see what other people thought and if any of our opinions are similar.

17. Zombies or unicorns?
Umm unicorns, of course. I’m not much a of a zombie person so always unicorns.

Okay guys, there was the This or That book tag! Let me know some of your answers in the comments!

I tag:

CW @ Read, Think, Ponder

Stephanie @ Igniting Pages

Brigitte @ The Book and The Bone


2 thoughts on “Book Tag | This or That

  1. Thank so much for the tag! I tend to avoid going through reviews on GR until after I’ve read a book too but I usually read the ones from bloggers I trust. I have to admit, I’ve dropped quite a few books because of the large number of negative reviews.


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