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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me!

top ten tuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme/feature created by The Broke and The Bookish. More information and bookish goodness can be found here!

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I’ve been feeling super uninspired when it comes to blogging lately so when I saw this week’s TTT topic was to share some facts about myself I was pretty glad because I just can’t think of anything to blog about right now… But without further ado, here are 10 bookish and non-bookish facts about yours truly!

1 // I own seven cats and one dog because my house is literally a zoo

2 // I love musicals SO MUCH and I really want to see Hamilton one day

3 // My favourite tv shows are Weeds, Sons of Anarchy, Modern Family and Suits (what are your favourite shows?)

4 // When I go book shopping it usually takes me around three hours to buy my first book and it’ll usually happen when I visit a bookstore for the second time

5 // I’m finally reading Harry Potter and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!

6 // I’m hoping to start studying Liberal Arts soon *crosses fingers*

7 // My favourite band EVER are The Summer Set

8 // Some of my favourite movies are The Breakfast Club, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Beauty and the Beast

9 // I am a habitual list maker and if I’m planning something you can bet I’m making at least three lists for it

10 // I love hardcovers but I own mostly paperbacks because hardcovers are ridiculously hard to find in Australia

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There you have it! Let me know some bookish and non-bookish facts about you in the comments! And don’t forget to link your TTT post too!


13 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Facts About Me!

  1. I’m the same way when book shopping. It drives whoever I’m with crazy. When I used to go with my mom, she put a time limit on me (oh those were the days when someone else bought the books).

    Here’s my TTT

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  2. I’m with you on the list making….but my favorite thing is checking things off said list! Which led to an inability to DNF books for awhile…a habit I’ve now thankfully broken.

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  3. Becoming apart of the blogging/book community, I really feel bad for readers who aren’t in the states, in terms of book prices and availability. It seems like such a cheap habit to have over here, and all of my friends in Germany, Australia and other places have such a hard time getting their hands on books!

    My TTT.

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