August Book Photo Challenge 2016

Hello everybody! For the month of August I’ve paired up with the lovely Alyssa is Reading to bring a book photo challenge to Instagram! This is my first time hosting a book photo challenge and I am so so so excited for it. This post will let you know what all the daily prompts mean!

IMG_2631 (1)

1 // Harry Potter The most Harry Potter-ish photo you can come up with
2 // August TBR The books you plan to read in August
3 // Illustrations A book with illustrations
4 // Spring Read A book perfect for reading in spring
5 // Red Books Self explanatory
6 // Profound Read A book that had an impact on you, a book dealing with a serious/heavy topic or a book with complex writing
7 // A+ Spines Spines that are basically worthy of staring
8 // Current Read Self explanatory
9 // Recent Release Self explanatory
10 // Book and OOTD A book and your outfit of the day
11 // Fave Book Case Bookcase/shelf containing your favourite books
12 // Classic A classic book
13 // Quoteable A book with a lot of lovely quotes/your favourite quote(s)
14 // Chapter 14 Self explanatory
15 // Book + Movie Book and movie/movie adaptation
16 // Funny Read Self explanatory
17 // Books Balance Balance a book on your head
18 // Big Books Self explanatory
19 // Rainbow Organise some books to create a rainbow
20 // OTP’s A book with your favourite OTP/your favourite OTP’s (one true pairing)
21 // NOTP’s A book with a couple you don’t like
22 // Fave sequels Self explanatory
23 // Shelfie! Self explanatory
24 // #1 TBR Books you want to read really soon
25 // Disappointing Reads Self explanatory
26 // Cover Loves Books with gorgeous/your favourite covers
27 // > 100 Pages A book with less than 100 pages
28 // Book Tower Stack some books and see how high you can go!
29 // Auto Buy Authors Authors whose books you always buy
30 // Haul The books you acquired in August
31 // Wrap Up The books you read in August

If you’re participating, use the hashtag #paperbackreaders16 on Instagram so Alyssa and I can see your lovely photos! It’s not necessary to repost the photo above, but it would be great if you did and spread the word! I’m looking forward to seeing if any of you participate!


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