REVIEW + DISCUSSION: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling


harry potter and the order of the phoenixTitle: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 
(Harry Potter #5)
Author: J.K. Rowling
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Middle Grade
Pages: 816
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Synopsis:Harry Potter is furious that he is stuck at 
the Dursleys’ house for the summer, when he suspects 
that Voldemort is gathering an army, and the wizarding 
authorities seem unwilling to do anything. Harry’s 
so-called friends are trying to keep him in the dark. 
But he knows that Voldemort’s forces can find him wherever he is; he could 
be attacked at any moment. Harry is finally rescued from Privet Drive by 
members of the Order of the Phoenix – a secret society first formed years 
ago to fight Voldemort – and discovers that maybe he is not alone in this 
battle after all.

Review: This is easily my least favourite book in the whole HP series. To be perfectly honest, reading this felt like a chore at some points and the only reason I’ve given it 4 stars was because I really really really enjoyed the last 100 pages.

This book was unnecessarily long. It definitely could do without 200 pages. The first 100 pages were literally just cleaning a house. I mean, really?

Once again, for most of the book I found Ron to be extremely unlikeable. At the beginning I thought he and Hermione were kind of insensitive towards Harry and what he had been through at the Triwizard Tournament. He did eventually grow on me though and I liked him a lot more at the end.

Hermione is one of my favourite characters in this series. She’s so smart and independent and fierce and definitely deserves a medal for putting up with Ron and Harry and their shenanigans.

I have mixed feelings about Harry in this book. I like him but then he goes and does something extremely stupid and I’m left thinking: HARRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I am also not a fan of so many of the decisions he makes and the way he treats some people, especially girls. BUT I still love him very much.


Another of my favourite characters in OOTP is Luna Lovegood. I had been waiting so long for her to show up and I loved her so much! She’s so kooky and unique and I just love her! I also absolutely adore Neville. I just think he’s super adorable.

Once again, I loved the writing and this world and I’m not even going to tell you all how badly I want to go to Hogwarts. Even though I was bored for a lot of this book, I still enjoyed a lot of what happened though it definitely could have been shorter.

my rating


SPOILERS AHEAD! If you haven’t read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix or any of the earlier books in the series, stop reading! The following discussion will contain spoilers! Go and read the books then come back and we’ll chat!


Discussion: The first thing I need to discuss is Dolores Umbridge. I hated this woman with an unbridled passion and I really wanted to beat her face with a shovel. I hated how she treated the other teachers and Dumbledore. And I hated how she treated the students, specifically Harry.

Which leads me to Harry and his detentions with Umbridge. It made me so mad because obviously ABUSING A STUDENT IS NOT OKAY. But I got so frustrated with Harry because for some reason he didn’t need to tell someone about what Umbridge was doing. For some reason he seemed to think he could handle it on his. HARRY NO YOU ARE A CHILD STAHP.

I got so insanely emotional when Umbridge is trying to force Professor Trelawney out of Hogwarts, and Trelawney says “but Hogwarts is my home.” I got so teary!

As you all know I love Snape, so it makes sense that I enjoyed the occlumency lessons. This was mostly because we got to see a tiny piece of Snape’s past. I had been waiting and waiting and waiting to see some of Snape’s past and I loved getting that little snippet.

The last thing I want to talk about is the Department of Mysteries and everything that went down there at the end. I seriously loved seeing the trio working together with Luna, Neville and Ginny. I was waiting for these three to play a bigger part and I’m so glad it happened then. Everything that went down at the DoM and with the prophecy was just so intense and I couldn’t stop reading.

My heart absolutely broke for Harry when Sirius fell through the archway. I loved Sirius and even though I knew he died at some point, I wasn’t expecting it at all. Harry was just starting to get close to Sirius and then he just dies AND I WAS SO SAD, it took a while for my poor little heart to handle it.

That’s about all for this discussion. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts and feelings about The Order of the Phoenix are!


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