September Photo Challenge: #paperbackbookgirls16

Hello everyone! September is just around the corner and I’m back with another book photo challenge! In September I will be co-hosting #paperbackbookgirls16 with my super lovely best friend Terri @ this_book_girl!  (You should definitely go give her Instagram a follow!) Why that tag? We combined our usernames because it is not easy to make September bookish. You can find the photo on mine or Terri’s Instagram. This post is just to explain the prompts in case you’re confused about any of them, so let’s get into it!

paperback book girls 2

1 // TBR Books you plan to read in September
2 // Underrated Books you think are underrated/under-hyped
3 // Overrated Books that didn’t live up to the hyp
4 // Orange books Orange books for spring and autumn!
5 // Rainbow spiral Stack some books in a spiral and try to make them a rainbow
6 // Book + nature Take your books outside and snap some pretty pictures
7 // S.J. Maas Let’s celebrate the release of Empire of Storms! Or any S.J. Maas books you have if not that one
8 // Duology Your fave duology (2 book series)
9 // Spring reads Books you recommend for spring reading
10 // 22 on Shelf The 22nd book on your shelf
11 // Sea of Books Pretty self-explanatory, but they don’t all need to be blue
12 // Bookish Item Any bookish item/merch you wanna show off
13 // Animals Book and animals or animals on the cover
14 // Bookmarks Self-explanatory
15 // Chapter 15 Self-explanatory
16 // Bookish Pet Peeves Self-explanatory
17 // Book Tower Stack some books into a tower
18 // Sock Sunday Book and socks for Sunday
19 // OTP’s Book couples you ship
20 // NOTP’s Book couples you don’t ship
21 // Book-to-Movie Your fave book-to-movie adaptation
22 // Bookish Chevron Check out the #bookishchevron tag
23 // Currently Reading Self-explanatory
24 // First Fandom Self-explanatory
25 // Shelfie Sunday A photo of your shelves for Sunday
26 // Book + music Self-explanatory
27 // Leigh Bardugo Let’s celebrate the release of Crooked Kingdom!
28 // Book Ombre Self-explanatory
29 // September Haul Self-explanatory
30 // September Wrap Up Self-explanatory

If you want to join us on Instagram, use the hashtag #paperbackbookgirls16 so we can see all your lovely photos! You don’t have to repost the photo but it would help spread the word and tell your followers you’ll be participating. I hope to see you guys joining us!


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