My Bookish Pet Peeves

I’ve been so slack at blogging lately and I am sorry! But I got to talking with one of my friends recently about our bookish pet peeves and I was inspired to write this post. We all have pet peeves when it comes to books so I’m going to share some of mine with you!

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Cover Changes

I seriously seriously hate cover changes, especially when they come at the end or partway through a series. WHY? WHY DO U DO DIS? Even if I like the new covers, I’m still gonna be mad about it

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Tall Books

I think this is one of my biggest pet peeves with books. I cannot stand tall books. Why does a book need to be tall? Why? So many times I have bought a book that’s part of a series online just to realise when it arrives THAT IT’S TALL. I often find that tall books take me longer to read because the page is longer. Can we please just stop with the tall books?

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 Thin Pages

I honestly hate thin pages. Reading a book with thin pages makes me SO NERVOUS because what if I get excited and turn a page and IT RIPS? What do I do then? I’ll tell you: CRY and CRY and CRY. Books need thick pages to withstand a bookworms emotions!

giphy 4

Stickers on Books

I think we all hate when we go to peel a sticker off a book and the top layer comes off but the sticky stuff underneath stays. I have multiple books that I STILL haven’t got the whole sticker off of. I think it’s about time stickers stop being SO sticky, please.

giphy 3

Cracked Spines

This is probably my biggest pet peeve of ever. STORY TIME: A friend of mine bought me Six of Crows earlier this year and RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME he cracked the spine. He showed no remorse for marring the spine of the book I had owned for all of 15 minutes. I know some people like books with cracked spines, and I will admit that sometimes I like the look of it but usually I don’t. It just bugs me so much. Especially when it’s just one big crack right down the middle.

giphy 5

Firm Spines

Another one of my biggest pet peeves are books with spines so firm that you HAVE to crack the spine just so you can read it comfortably. Holding a book with a spine that just won’t move is SO HARD. Turning the pages can be an actual challenge. Please stop this.

giphy 6

Those are just some of my bookish pet peeves! Let me know if you would like to see a part two post because I will probably do one anyway. What are some of your bookish pet peeves? Let me know in the comments and we can rant together!


5 thoughts on “My Bookish Pet Peeves

  1. I agree with all of your pet peeves! I hate when pages are thin! I also have to say…I hate when a books type is practically minuscule and you have to squint to look at it! Bump it up a few points will you? It isn’t an issue with many books but it can make me mad! Especially when I buy an edition online!

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