2016 Books of the Year

We’re nearing the end of December which means it’s time to talk about my favourite books of this year! Last year I just kind of listed my favourite books of the year but I’ve seen other bloggers doing categories so I decided to do that, too. I read so many books this year (170+!) but I’ve somehow managed to narrow down some favourites! Not every book in this post was released in 2016, they’re just what I read this year. Without further ado, let’s get into it!


The Unexpected Everything: You all know that Morgan Matson is one of my favourite contemporary authors so obviously this was going to be one of my favourite stand alones. The characters were so great and it had DOGS. YES PLEASE AND THANK YOU.
Made You Up: This is one of my favourites of the year because I feel like it’s such an accurate representation of schizophrenia and mental illness. Also, the characters are wonderful and I love them.
My Sister Rosa: This book is full of so many twists and turns and it had me addicted straight away. It was SO WELL WRITTEN and developed. This was my first psychological YA and I loved it.


Six of Crows: I was so late to the Six of Crows hype train but omg I am so glad I read it because IT IS SO AMAZING. The plot of this book is actually amazing and I just cannot fault it.
The Kiss of Deception: I put this off for so long and did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I love the characters so much and I really enjoyed the plot.
Snow Like Ashes: I thought this was going to be a high fantasy and was pleasantly surprised when I realised how much romance there was and I loved it! I really enjoyed the world and magic system which is why this is one of my favourite first books in a series.


A Court of Mist and Fury: Everybody and their mothers know about this book and how freakin amazing it is. Before I read this I didn’t think Sarah J. Maas could top the Throne of Glass series but OH MAN WAS I WRONG. I just love everything about this sequel and am eagerly awaiting the next instalment.
Gemina: I seriously loved Illuminae when I read it in January but I LOVED Gemina, maybe even more than Illuminae. I loved the characters so much and multi media format of the book. It just enhances the reading experience and takes it to a new level.
A Gathering of Shadows: I love the plot of this trilogy SO MUCH and I can’t believe this was even better than the first book. The characters in this trilogy are so wonderful as is the writing style and world.


The Raven King: We were all anxiously awaiting this conclusion and seeing just how it was all going to play out for Gansey. I am honestly so happy with how this series ended. I’m not even too sad it’s over, that’s how happy I was with the ending.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO READ THIS?! This is definitely one of the best series conclusions EVER and that’s really the only words I have for it. Oh and also, I LOVED IT.
Winter: This series was so much better than I expected it to be. I love all the characters in this series but I just love Winter so much. She’s so complex and I had so much fun reading about her.


I’m kind of disappointed in how few diverse books I read this year (feel free to leave me some recommendations!). But of the ones I did read, these are my top three.
The Wrath and the Dawn: This got so much hype in 2015 and I was so late to it. But I loved it so much! The characters, Khalid and Shazi, have such a special place in my heart. I really enjoyed reading this for so many reasons, especially because of the setting and the fact that whole cast of characters are POC’s.
The Sun is Also A Star: I adored Everything, Everything and when I heard that this book was about a Jamaican girl and an American-Korean guy I had to read it ASAP. I loved that this books two protagonists and families were of colour but also seeing what each of them were going through. The subject of the book was handled and written so well, I loved it.
Beauty Queens: This book is SO DIVERSE! It features a transgender character, LQBTQ+ characters, characters of colour, it’s religiously diverse and so much more. Though I didn’t think the writing was amazing, I loved it all so much.


The Serpent King: This book broke my heart, I bawled my eyes out. It was so wonderfully written and features such lovely characters. It’s a darker contemporary than I usually read but man it was good!
Rebel of the Sands: I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this but it was so good! I loved the setting and the characters so much! It was diverse and super well written and enchanting.

Victor (Vicious): I loved Victor. I loved his back story and seeing his rivalry with Eli. He was quite cold and ruthless in his own way and that just made me love him even more. His complexities and quirks were written so well which is why he’s my favourite male protagonist I read this year.
Katy (LUX): Katy was so great! She was funny and relatable and a book blogger (YAAASSSS). Katy is definitely my favourite female protagonist I read in 2016, I just really loved her.


Percy + Annabeth: There is so much hype around the Percy Jackson series and I am so glad I finally read it because omg I LOVE PERCY AND ANNABETH. Their friendship throughout the whole book is just wonderful and I ship it so hard.
Rowan + Aelin: You all know much I love these two together and Empire of Storms just made me ship them even harder.
Blue + Gansey: I love Blue and I love Gansey and I love them together. It’s not even really about any of their romance, I just REALLY love their friendship and how they are together. It’s just so cute I can’t handle it.
Feyre + Rhysand: I think everyone who has read ACOMAF ships these two because HOW COULD YOU NOT? Rhysand is one of the finest specimens to grace the pages of a book and I love him. I love how he is with Feyre and how Feyre is with him and I JUST SHIP IT SO HARD.


The Crows • Rhysand’s Inner Circle • Aelin’s Court

All three of these squads are ACTUAL GOALS. I want to be part of all of these groups like yesterday. SIGN. ME. UP.


I read SO MANY new-to-me authors in 2016 (that I loved) but these three stood out to me the most. All of their books just made me so happy and put me in the best mood even though quite often they made me pretty emotional.


There were so many beautiful covers in 2016 but I think these are definitely my favourites. The photos definitely do not do them justice but these covers are STUNNING. Much applause for the wonderful people who designed them.


Some more of my favourite books of 2016 that didn’t make into a category but deserve a mention!


There you have it, some of my favourite books of 2016! Let me know in the comments what some of your books of the year were!


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